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New Equipment

Smith Site Development strives to use the newest equipment and latest innovations in the construction field. We believe in using the best equipment available to increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize down-time.

It’s not uncommon for us to use the newest models on the market because our vendors appreciate the progressive attitude that exists throughout our organization. We believe in keeping our equipment polished and in excellent working condition at all times. We employ two full-time mechanics to make sure this happens


We at Smith Site Development believe in utilizing cutting edge technology with our projects. We have our own in-house survey crew which utilizes GPS equipment to do all of our site layouts. We use rotating lasers for grade as well placing them on some our equipment to ensure pinpoint accuracy and tight tolerances.

We use digital cameras to track the jobs visually for both our reference and our partners.

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We understand the power of collaboration and teamwork, and leverage that power to overcome challenges and deliver “Quality Work on Time”.

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